Thornberry Coffee Beans Coming Soon

A bag of Thornberry and Heavenly Coffee beans.

We are really pleased to share that we are collaborating with our friends at The Heavenly Coffee Company. We will be bringing our signature blend that we serve in our Cafe to the enjoyment of your home. The Heavenly Coffee Company is a family-run, Dinnington-based business founded in 2010. They have a reputation for suppling […]

Stopping Mid Week Donations – Become a Volunteer and Support Thornberry

Due to a shortage of staff and volunteers, we have made the difficult decision to only accept donations for our charity shops on Friday-Sunday for the immediate future. Our opening times remain as 11am-3pm. While we really appreciate every single donation that comes through our gates, we are unable to cope with the amount of […]

Want to make Amazon work for charity? Please choose Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Amazon

Spring into action! If you haven’t already asked Amazon to donate to T.A.S. pleasedo. It is easy and costs you nothing! For Amazon customers, please take the simple step of naming us as the charity tosupport: Go to and register (type in the name of) Thornberry AnimalSanctuary. When you next choose to shop with […]

The Great Eggscape

The Great Eggscape

An amazing 500 hens were released from a life of battery egg-production last weekend and re-homed to free-range lives!  Phoenix Hen Rescue called on Thornberry to help rehome just some of a total number of 12000 hens moving on from their previous existence.  A huge number of concerned members of the public rose to the […]

Thornberry Goes Solar

Thornberry Goes Solar

Our energy needs exceed what the output of a 12 KW system can generate, as we were informed from the start but neither funds nor time allowed us to install the full 30KW needed for nearly complete self-sufficiency. We are planning on a second phase of installation up to 30 KWs later in the year, […]

Thirteen horses rescued from the meat trade; safe at Thornberry

Thirteen horses rescued

As an early step to ensure each horse is treated as a cherished, unique individual with his or her own needs and qualities, each one of the 13 has been named soon after arrival. In one paddock we have 3 mares, Roma, Zereena and India with their respective foals, Sansom, Isla and Lucas; in another […]



One of Makro’s managers, Sharon Howard, oversees the T.A.S. links with Makro, making the task of liaison a smooth and purposeful one. She ensures the staff get behind our cause, whether their preferences are for dogs, cats, horses or even just for people!    Staff committees and charitable groups in many businesses play an enormously […]

We are cooking with gas!

We are cooking with gas!

The gas pipe was re-sited deep in a trench, a far better option than its original route underneath the rafters of our main building. A vital replacement for the safety of all at T.A.S. but not the only change to have taken place in the recent past nor planned for the future.  We have an […]