Our energy needs exceed what the output of a 12 KW system can generate, as we were informed from the start but neither funds nor time allowed us to install the full 30KW needed for nearly complete self-sufficiency. We are planning on a second phase of installation up to 30 KWs later in the year, if funding can be secured. The system, even as it is, will pay for itself in a few short years, from both the feed-in tariff on the first stage of the work and, of course, from the reduction in our electricity bills, especially as prices rise year on year as they tend to do! We look forward to celebrating that date. 

Our decision to install solar power to work alongside our conventional system was largely a financial one. Prudent use of the funds generated by the public on our behalf is always in the forefront of our financial management. Long-term developments allied to careful use of our income are virtal for T.A.S. to be able to continue its work into the future for the welfare of animals both now and in years to come. However, we are  highly pleased to be able also to take our part in preserving the environment and its resources in any way we can.  

We look forward to updating our supporters with a report on the second phase of solar development here at Thornberry.

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