Thirteen horses rescued

Thirteen horses rescued from the meat trade; safe at Thornberry

As an early step to ensure each horse is treated as a cherished, unique individual with his or her own needs and qualities, each one of the 13 has been named soon after arrival. In one paddock we have 3 mares, Roma, Zereena and India with their respective foals, Sansom, Isla and Lucas; in another there are Morgan and Sadie with their foals Sanza and Tormund and in an adjoining paddock are three yearlings, Ariya and Dakota (fillies) and Denver (a colt). It is Lucas in the picture here, with Zereena in the picture above.

The horses have begun to settle well in the three days they have been at T.A.S. although of course they are still wary of people. Their experience of human beings, at least in the recent past (we don’t know all of their longer term histories) has been of deprivation and brutality. Our staff and volunteers, with their calm, confident and patient approach, have already made steps in gaining some trust, especially so with the youngsters.

We are confident that they will eventually find good homes and become rewarding members of their adoptive families in a range of roles suited to them. It will take time, however, and the patient treatment of experienced people. 

We never see our horses as a burden; to rescue them from neglect and ill-treatment, to care for, educate and find them just the right home is our mission. However, to provide proper care comes as a financial cost. With the rescue of this group of horses comes the need for extra hay, feed, wormers, vet treatment (especially if some are in foal again), dental and farriery treatments. Given also that there are four colts in the group, the cost of castration will be needed in the not so distant future so that they can continue to live sociably with others as they should.  We appeal to you to help us to support them if you possibly can. 

We are glad to have given 13 horses a present that is nurturing and safe and also, the gift of a future. They deserve a good one and now have every chance.

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