Clifton Park Dog Show

Thornberry’s Clifton Park Dog Show enjoys record entries

The love of animals brings everyone together, of all walks of life, and all ages. You are never too young to learn to become an excellent dog handler, as this picture shows!

The Clifton Park Dog Show raised close to £1000  for the sanctuary. However, much-needed as funds are, we wanted also to raise our profile in the wider community, and awareness also of the plight of animals in need of a home. A special rescue class showed what wonderful pets rescue dogs are, despite sometimes  having a difficult history. Three of our own dogs attended and are now almost certain of good new homes. 

Our wonderful volunteers did marvels on the day: setting up the rings and gazebos, stewarding, running the dog agility (with great energy and verve), sorting out the raffle prizes, selling raffle tickets, cakes, tombola tickets, the ‘wine or water’ game, manning the lost children post, applying first aid…. the list is not complete! No charity can manage without  volunteers. We are lucky to have such superb ones… but a charity is always hungry for more of such excellent people to lighten the load and share in the rewards. We welcome you to join us at future events or in many other ways. Please see our volunteering opportunities elsewhere on this website.

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