The gas pipe was re-sited deep in a trench, a far better option than its original route underneath the rafters of our main building. A vital replacement for the safety of all at T.A.S. but not the only change to have taken place in the recent past nor planned for the future. 

We have an oldish site at Todwick Road, with its mix of buildings of wood and of brick, not purpose built as a state of the art sanctuary as can be seen for example at Birmingham Dogs Home     Their  building cost over five and a half million pounds and is instrumental in helping them do an excellent job in rescuing and re-homing dogs, supporting other sanctuaries and giving advice and training. A superb job can be done , however, in more modest surroundings and we do just that whilst working also towards a better environment. One big plan towards which we are still seeking funding (partly through grant aid as well as continued fundraising) is a complete refurbishment of our kennel block. This vision is still clear in our view, even whilst working on smaller but also vital projects.

Our animals and their care come first. Part of that commitment includes repairs to their environment, such as the huge gas pipe replacement at a cost of £20,000. We have attended recently to many other repairs and replacements: to the roofs, guttering,  electrical installations, the heating and plumbing systems,  re-tiling and painting – any householder knows the list. Just think of a collection of buildings which amounts to a small estate of houses!  Our animals, staff, volunteers and visitors all need safe, dry, warm and, ideally, aesthetically pleasing buildings.

The gas pipe was replaced by a professional company and came at a hefty cost, though the company bore our charity status in mind.

In general, we aim in our repairs for economy and prudence without losing quality and are lucky to have excellent volunteers, including local businesses and trades who provide labour, materials and technical skills.  We are hugely grateful to all of you for your unstinting generosity. Repairs and replacements in the past could not have been achieved without your efforts, e.g. the new safe, solid ramp and steps to the charity shop (top barn). And without you, we could not put in place plans for much needed improvements, either, e.g. a vet suite for treatments and minor operations on site (saving on time, money and most importantly, on less stress to our animals). We are doing more than simply overcoming the legacy of an ageing site by just playing catch-up, essential as this is; we are instigating also important new developments that will see us and our animals into a better future. We are, indeed, cooking with gas!

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