Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Equine Centre

Trustees give heartfelt thanks to dedicated staff at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

We are also grateful to the volunteers who have offered in droves to assist- we appreciate your generosity enormously. Unfortunately, for the safety of key staff on site, and for your own, we have reluctantly had to ask you to wait until your help will come at no risk to yourselves and others.

We want also to acknowledge and thank the superb volunteers now at home, who would normally be beavering away in a variety of roles for the sake of animals in need; we miss your valuable support and hope to see you, fit and well, before too long.

Finally, we would like to thank you, the public, for your continued support in these hard times, both through your many expressions of good will towards our continuing work and crucially too, in financial terms; both are vital to us and greatly appreciated.

We are sure that you will be taking time to enjoy your own pets- their company must be extra-special at the moment. As you help and look out for your neighbours, you have the chance to ensure that their pets too are being cared for. Let us hope that the spirit of neighbourliness and care for others which has been demonstrated so strongly by so many sectors of society, far beyond even our superb N.H.S. workers, will be reflected in higher levels of care and responsibility for all of the animals in our world.

Thank you and look after yourselves.

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