Our newest arrival at Thornberry's Equine Site

Ophelia -our newest arrival at Thornberry’s Equine Site

Horses differ in character from other horses just as much as people vary from one another. Ophelia started life with a big character and is continuing in the same way, unlike the much more timid Aprils Hope, born about two weeks previously (pictured here on her bed of straw). Ophelia was up within the hour and has proved bold and inquisitive. Her mum started  a regime of feeding her daughter when she was ready to feed her but Ophelia soon found a way to make her change her mind and now feeds when it suits her, not according to a parental plan. Sadie has accepted this well. 

Sadie and Ophelia were given four days to establish their bond and to be checked for good health and are now out in the field with Aprils Hope and her mum, Autumn. Ophelia is being as cheeky to Autumn as to her own mum, though both mares are tolerant of her boisterousness. We are sure that April will gain in confidence through her play with Ophelia and perhaps she will have things to teach Ophelia in her turn.

At Thornberry, we do not endorse casual breeding of horses without a very clear, planned role and long-term future for any new-born. There are so many horses in desperate need of a home without adding to the stock of horses and ponies whose present lives are often fraught and whose futures are already in jeopardy. However, these foals will have an excellent start in life and remain safe under our wing until they are ready for the right home for them (after which they will remain under our supervision).  This delightful pair have already brought us a lot of pleasure and joy as we watch them playing in the sunshine with their patient mothers, who are doing an excellent job of looking after their offspring.  

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