Thanks To Kontempry For Their Donation

Every person has been affected by the pandemic in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately for us, one of the most significant impacts is the number of pet owners giving up their animals has dramatically increased.

Due to rising living expenses and veterinary care costs, there has been a considerable increase in people who cannot keep their pets. Many people have been forced to make cutbacks at home; unfortunately, the extra cost of keeping an animal is not something pet owners have taken into account.

The effects of the pandemic have also caused significant difficulties as, since lockdown, people’s circumstances have changed, and pets have been reconsidered. People bought pets during lockdown to keep them company while at home, without considering the expense or the animal’s ongoing demands. Pets need considerable time and love, which dried up when people returned to work or could no longer afford them. We are picking up those costs, but the charity is being put under incredible stress. Smaller charities have had to change how they operate because of the pandemic fundamentally. Many organisations with inadequate funding couldn’t continue to work, and about half of smaller charities have been forced to change or reduce their services, making smaller-run charities particularly vulnerable.

Things are challenging at Thornberry and across all animal sanctuaries.

With the cost of living set to rise, this will only worsen. While charities like Thornberry are always happy to help, the additional strain and financial pressure mean we need all the help we can get. Without your donations, we wouldn’t survive. With that in mind, we would like to thank Kontempry, who operates several UK free bet directories, for their contribution to Thornberry. The team at Kontempry focussed on small sports clubs and organisations at the start of the pandemic, as they realised that the effects of the lockdown would affect many community clubs’ financial situation. But as the restrictions began to lift, their focus was to use the marketing budget from one of the best online casino uk to help many rescue centres, just like Thornberry, who are feeling the fallout from the last two years. You can bet that we will get through this with the help of our supporters and businesses like Kontempry, but the road ahead is going to be long and rocky.

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