Thornberry's Sheffield street collection

How to say ‘Thank-you’ in Lithuanian

Thornberry’s street collection on The Moor, Sheffield, Saturday 13th July was a little quieter than in June but the generous citizens of Sheffield and its many visitors contributed a very welcome £217 nonetheless.  Karolis, from Lithuania, enjoyed meeting Max and taught us that ‘thank-you’ in Lithuanian is ‘ACIU’ (pronounced a little like ‘achoo’!).  A cheery security officer, Peter, made friends with the Bedlington, Molly, now happily adopted by Mandy, one of our superb volunteer street collectors. 

The reception given to Thornberry by the public on our street collections is always supportive and friendly and many people stop to tell stories of animals who have made their lives better. We are glad to reach out to the the public who may not be aware of the many animals we rescue from situations which are not so positive and happy and find them good new homes.  We also appreciate the financial input which enables us to fulfil this vital role, without which we simply could not save, care for and provide a good future for so many dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other domestic animals.

WE WOULD LOVE MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR EVEN JUST ONE SESSION OF STREET COLLECTING. The next collection on The Moor is on Sat 7th September and just over 4 hours is all that we ask (10.30 -3 p.m.). You won’t be on your own; you don’t need special knowledge and it is rewarding and fun. Please contact Jane Sara or ring Thornberry (11-3) direct.  or 01909 564399      

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