Meet Paisley

Paisley is a gorgeous little feline on the lookout for her retirement home and family. Paisley is a golden oldie with the most gentle nature – she absolutely loves to cuddle in return for lots of purrs. Paisley has previously lived in a multi cat household so could possibly be re-homed in a similar setting with gradual introductions in place, but would probably be best suited to a sedate environment where all of her precious needs can be met. Paisley would also love access to the garden after the settling period so she can sunbathe the day away before coming home for a snuggle with her human. She really is a great all-round cat and will make a wonderful pet to one lucky household. If you believe you could be a suitable match for this lovely lady then please enquire.
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: Approx 10 yrs
Sex: Female
Can live with dogs
Can't live with dogs
Can live with cats
Can't live with cats
Can live with children
Can't live with children
Not housetrained

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If you see an animal on our website that you are interested in adopting, you should fill out an Animal Enquiry form. This gives us more details about yourself and your lifestyle to make sure you are a good match for each other. If we get multiple requests for one animal, we will consider them all and choose the most suitable home to match it to a new owner. This will allow everyone interested a fair chance of adopting it
First meeting
If your application is successful, we will invite you for a first meeting. Here, you and the animal will meet each other and see how you get along. Following on from this, there may be more meetings and you can introduce other pets as required.
Home checks
Home checks are required for every dog before we set the adoption date. This was done physically pre-Covid but we now ask for videos and photos. We need to be sure the home environment is suitable for that dog and the garden is secure. If dogs/rabbits are going to live with other dogs/rabbits, we will arrange an introduction as previously mentioned.
Keep in touch
Every adoption is as unique as each animal. Please remember although sometimes it might seem like a lengthy process, we are doing this to make sure each animal is found the right home for their lifetime.
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