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Wickes provide parking for ponies of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

Wickes store in Sheffield kindly provided free parking at their store on Moore St in Sheffield. This helped Thornberry Animal Sanctuary to bring two Shetland ponies,Chester and Philomena, to join volunteers at a street collection on The Moor on Saturday 19th September. 

Wickes has been supportive of Thornberry for a long time, providing materials and supporting in other ways, such as by providing free parking for T.A.S. volunteers  on the occasions of their street collections on The Moor. On more than one occasion, this has included parking of a horse box taking up two spaces. Small as they are, Chester being a dwarf Shetland, neither pony would appreciate being transported in a car! They like and deserve their creature comforts. He can be seen here in action on The Moor, meeting and greeting the public. And, what a coincidence, Chester is pictured here with, yes, Chester, a little boy who came with his mum to say ‘hello’ and support Thornberry. What a cute duo the two Chesters make! 

Both ponies are clearly appreciative of the support and the attention being given to them by the Wickes staff. We cannot thank Wickes enough. Thornberry Animal Sanctuary’s animals,  rescued and re-homed to good homes in large numbers, have all been helped to a better future by the many kindnesses of a large number of people and organisations and every act of support is valuable to their journey.  Thanks in this case to WICKES. 

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