Raise 35 for Thornberry

This year Thornberry celebrates its 35th anniversary. As a part of that, we have lots of celebrations planned including a 3.5 mile dog walk around Rother Valley, a 35th anniversary party, and many other events, fairs, and challenge events.

To help us celebrate our 35th anniversary and helping over 20,000 animals to date, we are asking our supporters to #Raise35forThornberry

We are asking you to help raise £35, £350, £3500 or all and in between. It doesn’t have to be these amounts but these are some good aims.

Here is a list of Fundraising ideas you could try to help the animals we care for:

Take part in one of our challenge events – https://www.thornberryanimalsanctuary.org/events-2023/

Take part in your own event

Host your own event or activity

Raise money in your workplace/university/college/school/club

Set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook

Create, sell and donate

Have a bake sale

Anything else you can think of…


If you would like to talk about your fundraising efforts or have any additional ideas, please do email our Fundraising Manager Ged at fundraising@thornberryanimalsanctuary.org

Good luck and have fun.

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