The Equine Team: Our approach

However, our aim is to treat each horse and pony as an individual, identify their needs and work with them to ensure that they are ready for finding their forever home.

Some horses have very bad prior experiences and need a lot of re-habilitating before they learn to trust people.

For some, the basics can be a huge milestone, and we have to work at the pace of the horse for things like accepting head collars, leading in and out in a sensible safe way, stable manners, picking feet up and learning to load in and out of a trailer. These are all things that make an animal easier to re-home, and therefore it is worth taking the time to do this correctly.

We always work at the pace of the individual animal. For some, this is quick and we can move forward, others it can take weeks to get them to approach for a sniff! patience is key to ensuring a good base and experience for the horse. No animal is ever forced to do anything.

We have backed several horses so that they can be ridden, and thus have the best chance of getting a good start, but our current facilities are not ideal for this. We have plans for future improvements to ensure that we have appropriate facilities to bring these horses into work.

We do have some cases where the neglect is not only emotional but physical too and the horses need medical veterinary care and staff that are committed to ensure they get their daily treatment however bad it is.

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