Foresters Financial Cut It

Foresters Financial Cut It for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

The generosity of Foresters Financial has made it possible to provide an outdoor play and training space for our animals, especially our dogs, at our Todwick Road site. A group of volunteers from Foresters Financial headed by Jo Hudson (seen in the centre of the picture above), worked to convert a corral area, formerly used to house two pigs, into a safe play area for dogs. Their volunteering consisted of painting the existing fence a nice glossy black and then Antony Kynoch (AMK) added a 1.8 metre high green vmesh fence completely surrounding the corral to stop any chance of athletic or determined escape artist dogs jumping out during play. The dogs clearly enjoy being able to run around off lead chasing balls and toys to get them used to the sort of play they should receive when they get to their new homes.

A ceremony was held on Sunday 13th October, which involved cutting a ribbon and unveiling a plaque acknowledging the kind support by Foresters Financial. Much of the cost of the changes has been financed by this generous organisation,  and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.   Foresters Financial, you cut if for us!

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