Celebrating 30 years of Thornberry

Celebrating 30 years of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

We were founded in 1988 and in that time we have rescued thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. We take in animals who need a new home, through no fault of their own. Once we have assessed each animal and helped them with any potential medical or behavioural needs they may have, we try to match them to their perfect home.

Thornberry has been constantly evolving over the past 30 years. The biggest development to the Todwick Road site in recent years has been the change in the way the animal care team work. Previously the animal care team were split into sections with each department working independently and individually managed.

In May 2017 this changed, largely due to the changing financial climate but also for the needs of the animals. We now work as one team, although smaller in numbers. Every member of the team now works within all departments. This way of working has proved not only to be more efficient but also effective in creating a much stronger animal care team.

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