The Thornberry Equine Team: Our approach

Thornberry Equine Team

Our aim is to treat each horse and pony as an individual, identify their needs and work with them to ensure that they are ready for finding their forever home. Some horses have very bad prior experiences and need a lot of rehabilitating before they learn to trust people again. For some, the basics can […]

How to look after a horse and its basic needs.

How to look after a horse

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst Horses need to have access to good quality forage (hay/grass) as they are trickle grazers with small stomachs that produce acid constantly. If they were to go for long periods without food they could develop health problems such as stomach ulcers. It is also very stressful for them. Clean fresh […]

Ophelia -our newest arrival at Thornberry’s Equine Site

Our newest arrival at Thornberry's Equine Site

Horses differ in character from other horses just as much as people vary from one another. Ophelia started life with a big character and is continuing in the same way, unlike the much more timid Aprils Hope, born about two weeks previously (pictured here on her bed of straw). Ophelia was up within the hour […]