Thanks To MEPS International For Their Donation

A HUGE thank you to MEPS International who donated £500 to Thornberry through the sanctuary’s kennel sponsorship scheme. This will see sponsored plaques being placed near the kennels and is an initiative run by the charity to help raise much-needed funds. MEPS is a world leading independent supplier of valuable steel market data and information […]

Thornberry Saved By MWH From Being Waste Deep In Trouble

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary was recently saved from a sticky situation by water treatment specialists MWH Treatment. The animal sanctuary, which is one of South Yorkshire’s most well-established animal rescue centres, and rehomes hundreds of animals every year, needed help following a failed maintenance installation by another company. After having a new on-site sewerage plant system […]

Thanks To Kontempry For Their Donation

Every person has been affected by the pandemic in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately for us, one of the most significant impacts is the number of pet owners giving up their animals has dramatically increased. Due to rising living expenses and veterinary care costs, there has been a considerable increase in people who cannot […]